Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

Payment and security

In this online Headstrong Store we accept the following credit cards VISA, VISA electron, Maestro, Mastercard, Eurocard, JCB, Diner's and Discover. Payment follows directly when you confirm your order. Go to 'Show Basket' in the main menu or 'Proceed to Checkout' from anywhere on the site and follow the instructions to make your purchase.

Through payment with a credit card you are always fully secured against fraud. We use the SSL (Secure Socket Layer), which means that you will pay no charge of any kind in case your card is being misused in any way. Contact your card issuer if you see a payment on your statement that you did not make..

Headstrong will charge the money from your account once the goods have been shipped from our inventory. We can never charge more that the amount you have agreed to. In case we are not able to deliver all the goods you have ordered, we can and will however draw less than the full amount of your order/or refund – according to the purchase price of the delivered goods.

Delivery and Returns

Delivery policy

At Headstrongheadguard.com we ship with a number of partners such as but not limited to: GLS, FedEx, PostNord or UPS. You will be able to choose your preferred shipping methods during your purchase.

Delivery is completed when the customer has had the goods handed over. Delivery time outside EU is usually 3-5 days (unless otherwise stated).

Free shipping

Shipping cost to countries outside the EU may differ and we do not offer free shipping outside EU. Shipping cost will be stated in the purchase flow – before an order is confirmed.

Return policy

Headstrong/Sportect ApS grants a 14 day Right of Cancellation; effective from the day you receive your goods.

You are obliged to return the item(s) in substantially the same condition, quantity and packaging as it was received.

The following conditions apply to shipping costs: 1. If you wish to exchange a product or to exchange part of an order, Headstrong/Sportect ApS will cover your postage costs for sending goods to Headstrong (up to USD 15.00). If so, send a picture or scan of your postal receipt to info@sportect.eu stating your order number.

2. If the entire order is returned, the buyer will cover the costs for both the delivery and return shipping.

NB: Always send returned goods with distribution to our warehouse (Headstrong, Att.: Milker, Dyrehavevej 8, DK-2930 Klampenborg, Denmark). Return parcels sent for pick-up in a parcel shop or the like cannot be processed - and will be returned to you automatically.

We hope our customers will recognise that these conditions are necessary for a running a sustainable business and our ability to provide our products to you.

Right of cancellation

Buyer is entitled to cancel any order within 14 days of receipt. The goods must be returned in the same state as when delivery and unused.

You can cancel your purchase or parts of it within 14 days of receipt. And within that same period you can of course also exchange goods from you order. In both cases you have the obligation to return goods in approximately the condition you received it - including packaging. Headstrong reserves the right to consider if goods have been used, washed or changed in any way after receipt. And if the terms for cancellation or exchange have been breached.

In case you want to exchange items, Headstrong will carry shipment cost ($15.00 at a maximum). Please send us a photo or scan of your postage receipt - and add your order number – to sale@headstrong.eu


The right of complaint is governed by the Danish Sale of Goods Act, which gives you the right to complain about a product within a period of two years. The complaint period that applies to your purchase depends on the rules applicable in the country from which you place your order. However, the complaint period may never exceed two years. If you order your product from Denmark, your right to complain is valid within two years after the date on which you received the product. The right to complain is associated with the original purchaser and not the product. A complaint must be made as soon as possible after you discover a defect. A reasonable time is given as two months. If the product is faulty or does not work as intended Headstrong reserves the right to repair or replace the product free of charge, before giving a discount or refunding the purchase.

For us to accept a complaint, the product must have been used correctly according to the instructions on the pack and elsewhere, and the product must not be defective as a result of tampering, alterations, abuse, negligence or abnormal use. A receipt or other documentation of where and when you purchased the product, and the price is required when you make a complaint. If you made your purchase at Headstrongheadguard.com, no receipt is required. In that case, you attach the order confirmation you received in connection with the purchase to the E-mail of the complaint.

A complaint is always made at the place of purchase, i.e. the company with which you, the consumer, have a contract. Please bring/send the product as well as the receipt for purchase.

Note that: Headstrong is constructed to implode by very hard impact. This allows the liquid in the core of the headband to disburse faster – and is believed to increase the impact reduction further. A product that has imploded/is leaking do to a hard impact is not considered a faulty product. An imploded product must be replaced by a new one in order to provide the intended impact reduction.

In order to make a complaint about a product purchased from Headstrong’s webshop, please complete E-mail us at support@headstrong.eu


Must be sent to:

Sportect ApS
C/o Milker
Dyrehavevej 8
DK-2930 Klampenborg


Sportect ApS
Frederiksborggade 15
DK-1360 Copenhagen K
E-mail: info@sportect.eu
CVR / VAT No: (DK) 38198211


Collection of your personal data

We collect various personal data from the customers of our webstore as well as other unregistered users of our website. We collect customer data from customers of our webstore, such as:

• First and last name
• Contact details
• We collect other customer data from our loyal customers and the unregistered customers of our webstore, such as:
• Information relating to purchases and claims
We collect identification data when contacting our customer service by email, telephone, and we may process the following personal data:
• First and last name
• Contact details
• IP address
• Communication between you and the customer service
• Other information you have disclosed in the reference
We also collect technical data from all the users of our website, such as:
• IP address
• Operating system and device;
• The products searched for on our website, page history of our website and other possible analytics data.
When you visit our website the technical data collected from you cannot be linked to you. The technical data may, however, be linked to your IP address whereupon the data in considered to be personal data. We collect the majority of the customer data when you become a loyal customer or when you buy products in our webstore. In order for your information to be up to date, we may update your personal data by exploiting public registers, updating services or the information relating to your orders.

Legitimate grounds for processing of your personal data and purposes of processing

We process your data to pursue our legitimate interest to run our business operations, improve your customer or visitor experience and conduct direct marketing. We do not, however, use your data for direct marketing purposes without your consent. We process your personal data in order to fulfill the contractual obligations based on the customer relationship when you buy products in our webstore. We process your personal data for the following purposes:
• In order to maintain the customer relationship, such as in order to inform you about our web services and products.
• In order to handle payment transactions
• In order to target marketing
• In order to develop the quality of our web services by analyzing for instance the products you have viewed and purchased, the feedback you have provided and the sections you have visited.


Storage and transfer of your data
Headstrong may disclose information relating to customers (such as name and email) to advertising network service providers in order to conduct targeted marketing. The recipient of the personal data is in that case Headstrong’s authorized service provider which processes the personal data transferred by Headstrong in order to offer marketing services to Headstrong. Our advertising network service providers may store the data outside of the EU/EEA. If personal data is transferred outside the EU/EEA, we will ensure that appropriate contractual measures (e.g. using standard contractual clauses of the EU Commission) are applied to the transfer, the transfer is lawful and that the processing and confidentiality are in compliance with the applicable laws. Headstrong does not transfer your personal data outside of our organization apart from the following situations:
• You have given your consent to the transfer
• The transfer is based on law
• The personal data is transferred to an authorized service provider of Headstrong and the terms of processing of personal data have been agreed with the service provider

Erasure of your data

We store the personal data relating to your purchases and claims as long as it is necessary for instance for legal claims or for complying with bookkeeping and legal obligations. The analytics data of our website are stored for 26 months. An example of analytics data are the products you have searched for on our website. You may, at any time, unsubscribe from our mailing list and prohibit us from sending you electronic direct marketing.


Your right to receive your data. You have the right to know which data relating to you is processed by Headstrong. In addition, you may require us to provide you with a report regarding the following matters:
• Why is your data processed
• Who we have disclosed your data to or who we plan to disclose your data to
• How long we store your data If it is not possible to communicate the accurate storage time, we will inform you about the criteria for defining the storage time. Such criteria may be based for instance on a certain law or industry-specific instructions.

Your right to rectify your data

If the data relating to you is incorrect you have the right to require the rectification of such data. You may ask us to rectify your data by contacting our customer service the contact details of which are set forth in section 4 of this privacy statement.

Your right to require the erasure of your data

If the data relating to you is incorrect you have the right to require the rectification of such data. You have the right to ask us to erase your data. You may ask us to erase your data by contacting our customer service the contact details of which are set forth in section 4 of this privacy statement. If you ask us to erase your personal data, we aim at erasing all data relating to you as soon as possible. We store your data despite your erasure request only if there is a legitimate ground to store the data, such as a legal obligation.

Right to object and limitation of processing

You have the right to object to processing of your data or profiling when your data is used for direct marketing. You have the right to require the limitation of processing of your personal data for instance when the data relating to you are incorrect. In addition, you have, in certain special circumstances, the right to object the processing of your personal data based on your particular situation. You may invoke your objection and limitation rights by contacting our customer service the contact details of which are set forth in section 4 of this privacy statement.

Right to transfer your data from one system to another

You have the right, at your discretion, to transfer your data to another organization. If you wish to transfer the data from one system to another, Headstrong will disclose such data to you in a structured and electronic format. In case you have further questions regarding the above right, you may contact our customer service. The contact details of our customer service are set forth in section 4 of this privacy statement.

Your right to lodge a complaint

You have the right to lodge a complaint with the competent national supervisory authority if you find the personal data processing activities of Headstrong to be non-compliant with data protection legislation.

4. Contact details

If you have a request, notification or you have something else to ask regarding the processing of personal data, you may contact our customer service in the following ways:
• by sending an email to the address support@Headstrong.eu

Headstrong.eu Cookie Policy

Sportect ApS uses cookies on the website Headstrong.eu (website). Therefore, Sportect ApS is obliged to inform the users of the website of the use of cookies. This includes the obligation to disclose the method of collection and use of such data. The goal of the disclosure is to create transparency in the processes that support the user's navigation through the Internet by collecting data about the user. In addition, the provisions guarantee that the user may supervise the use of such data.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files stored by the browser to the user's computer or terminal when using the Internet. Cookies are used for a variety of reasons, the most common of which is the appropriate operation of a website.

With a cookie stored in the user's computer or terminal, the website can remember the user's device and collect information of the pages and functions used with the user's browser. This way companies such as us can find out how to improve the experience for our visitors. Providing services on the Internet practically and technically requires that the cookies are stored. For example, in electronic commerce, it is important that the website remembers the user's visit in the online store and what products the user has viewed and added to the shopping cart. The cookies also make sure that the website remembers the content of the user's shopping cart if, for example, the user navigates backward to view other products.

Cookies cannot be used for determining the user's identity, i.e., name or other personal data. Neither will cookies spread computer viruses or other harmful software, nor can they collect information of the other activities the user uses the computer for.

Why does Headstrong.eu use cookies?

Headstrong.eu uses cookies for a variety of purposes. Firstly, cookies are used for collecting statistical data. Thus, Headstrong.eu can investigate how a website is used and improve the usability of the website. Naturally, statistical data is anonymous.

Headstrong.eu also uses cookies for technical reasons. As stated above, using cookies is necessary in order for the online store to work. Headstrong.eu's online store must remember the user's content of the shopping cart, which can be done only by using cookies.

Headstrong.eu also uses cookies for marketing so that it can monitor the use of various different websites. These cookies are used for assembling profiles of the users' search and browsing behavior.

In addition, Headstrong uses cookies for monitoring the users' browsing habits and functions. Headstrong.eu uses the collected data to show content targeted to the users.

How do I accept Headstrong.eu's use of cookies?

We are obliged to request the user's consent to store cookies in the user's computer, terminal or mobile. The consent is requested when the user visits the website for the first time. An informative banner will appear at the top of the page, explaining that the site uses cookies and providing a link to further information regarding the cookies. If the user does not click the link but proceeds further to the website, Headstrong.eu's cookies will start working and the banner will disappear.

The user may forbid the storing of cookies in the computer with the browser settings. However, in that case it should be understood that not all functions of the website will work optimally without the cookies. The user can always check the cookies stored in the computer or mobile and alter and delete stored cookies.

Cookie types used on the website

Headstrong.eu uses a number of different types of cookies. Google AdWords and Bing cookies are used for tracking the advertisements the user sees and the efficiency of the results produced by the Google search. They can also be used for modifying Google searches, making the user's searches more efficient. AdWords cookies are stored for 30 days. For information on Bing's privacy policy, click here: https://privacy.microsoft.com/en-gb#whatinformationwecollectmodule

In addition, third-party cookies are used for compiling statistics. Cookies are used for remembering the user's browsing behavior: how many times the user's computer or terminal has visited the Headstrong.eu’s website, how long the user has spent on the website and how the user has entered the website (e.g., through Google). Google Analytics is used to this end. For information on Google Analytics' data protection and safety principles, click here: http://www.google.com/analytics/learn/privacy.html.

Facebook cookies are used for marketing purposes. For information on Facebook's privacy policy, click here: https://www.facebook.com/about/privacy/update

The website may contain links to other sites. Sportect ApS is not responsible for these sites, and Headstrong.eu's cookie policy does not apply to them.