head protection?

We love soccer. We want to play the game. Watch it. Be overjoyed by it. We want the same for our kids, and their kids as well. And we want the best for the game – as well as its players.

Studies show that soccer is actually among the sports where head injuries are most common. This is why we created Headstrong a protective headband made specifically for soccer players. It offers protection to the back and the side of the head where injuries in the sport are most likely.

Some say that protective headgear go against the tradition of the beautiful game. We respectfully disagree. If there is a threat to the game, it’s rules against heading being introduced around the world.

A survey of 3,000 soccer players shows that 5% of players suffered a concussion within just two years of playing. And even if you never suffer a concussion, you are aware how much it hurts when your head gets hit playing soccer. The risk affects your game. Headstrong will help protect you – and help add to your confidence.

Knowing that your head is well protected will free your training and your match performance. When rising for the ball, your thoughts should be on winning it. Not the risk of injury.

Two soccer players in intense heading duel
Soccer player wearing protective headguard celebrating a goal

Protect the head
protect the game

Heading is a central part of the game. Soccer needs heading. But soccer players need protection. In training as well as in matches. This is why we created Headstrong. Tackling wasn’t banned when the game got rough. But shin guards were made compulsory. And while some were against it at the time, most would agree today that this was a very sensible idea.

We believe that using protective headgear is common sense. Just like shin guards. And what would you rather protect: Your shins – or your cranium? And research backs this up. Head guards are an effective way to reduce the risk of head injury in soccer.

Concussions, falls and knocks to the head can cause lasting, serious head damage. This is why some federations are banning heading for kids. Heading will, however, always be a central part of soccer.

Let’s not spoil the game and our young soccer players by taking away their ability to train a skill that’s central to soccer at elite and grassroots level. Let’s give them the proper protection and free them to be the best and most confident soccer players they can be.