What are the delivery and shipping terms?

Delivery is completed when the customer has received the goods. We offer free shipping for orders of more than EUR 80 within the EU. Orders of less than EUR 80 cost EUR 15 in shipping costs within the EU. Shipping cost to countries outside the EU cost $15. Shipping cost will be stated in the purchase flow – before an order is confirmed.

How long is the delivery time?

Delivery time within Europe is usually 3-5 days (unless otherwise stated). Delivery times may be longer for other countries.

How can I pay for my order?

In the Headstrong Store we accept the following credit cards VISA, VISA electron, Maestro, Mastercard, Eurocard, JCB.

How is my payment secured?

Through payment with a credit card you are always fully secured against fraud. We use the SSL (Secure Socket Layer), which means that you will pay no charge of any kind in case your card is being misused in any way. Contact your card issuer if you see a payment on your statement that you did not make.

When is the payment drawn?

Headstrong will draw the money from your account once the goods have been shipped from our inventory. We can never charge more that the amount you have agreed to. In case we are not able to deliver all the goods you have ordered, we can and will however draw less than the full amount of your order/or refund – according to the purchase price of the delivered goods.

How do I cancel my order - or exchange my purchase?

You can cancel your purchase or parts of it within 14 days of receipt. And within that same period you can of course also exchange goods from you order. In both cases you have the obligation to return goods in approximately the condition you received it - including packaging. Headstrong reserves the right to consider if goods have been used, washed or changed in any way after receipt. And if the terms for cancellation or exchange have been breached. Returns Must be sent to: Sportect ApS, C/o Milker, Dyrehavevej 8, DK-2930 Klampenborg, Denmark

How do I send returns?

Returns Must be sent to: Sportect ApS, C/o Milker, Dyrehavevej 8, DK-2930 Klampenborg, Denmark
In case you want to exchange items, Headstrong will carry shipment cost (€13.00/£ 10.00 at a maximum). Please send us a photo or scan of your postage receipt - and add your order number – to sales@headstrong.eu If you want a money refund, shipping is at your own cost. If you wish to cancel items from your order you will carry the cost of returning the goods yourself. For returns from all non-EU countries: Please return the goods with a € 0, - customs value, since the goods have already been cleared once. Otherwise, you will have to pay the customs invoice.

What size should I choose?

The Headstrong Headguard is designed as a seamless headband with no straps or other mechanisms that may add discomfort, and therefore comes in multiple sizes ranging from XS to XXL. We recommend you choose a tight fit, as the headband will loosen a bit and adjust to your head with use. For more information about picking the right size, see our size guide (LINK).

What is IMPALT?

IMPALT (Impact Absorbing Liquid Technology) is a patented invention based on a system with a liquid gel core to better absorb and divert the energy of impact to the head - than the foam based products seen elsewhere

How is Headstrong contructed?

Headstrong contains a gel liquid core in a foil with weldings (gel-pack) that allows the fluid to stay in place in normal play, move away from an impact to divert the energy and flow back afterwards. The gel-pack is encapsuled by an inside and an outside layer of memory foam which further enhances to impact reduction - and protects more effectively against more pointed impacts. Finally there is an outside layer of silicon grip elastic material which helps the Headstrong stay in place.

Can I still head the ball with Headstrong?

The Headstrong front-panel consist only of a thin layer of foam which merely acts as an extra forehead basically - perhaps lessening the pain of headers is the only difference. As opposed to other thicker headbands this means that the ball will come of your head exactly as you intented. Furthermore the from-panel is printed with a silicone pattern that ensures friction on the ball and allow you to steer the ball as you would normally - or maybe even better.

How does the Headstrong Headguard stay in place?

It has been a important part of our ambition to create a headband that will stay in place. Headstrong is soft, lightweight, flexible and has a silicone print on the inside - all of which help ensure that Headstrong stays in place during pratice and games. If you chose a tight fitting size chances are that you will not have to touch it or maybe even will not even feel that you are wearing it during play.

Can I wash my Headstrong Headguard?

Headstrong is washable, easy to keep clean. You can safely wash the headband following these instructions: • Washable by hand at 30°C – Do not wash a warmer temperatures. • Do not tumble dry – this will damage the IMPALT silicone gel.

Why should I wear a Headstrong Headguard?

A 2018 study by the University of Wisconsin showed that head injuries are much more common than one might think – and that effective head protection reduces the risk of concussion by approximately 50%. Headstrong was made – and has proven to be – a top performing protective head guard. Other resent studies show that soccer players have a 3.5 times higher risk of developing dementia.

Will Headstrong change my heading ability?

Only for the better we believe. Headstrong is optimized for heading. While Headstrong is padded at the back and sides for protection, it is thin at the front. What is more, the front layer is printed with slip-resistant silicone pattern to increase friction on the ball.

How can I play the same with a headguard?

We know that a head guard is no use if it impedes your game. Headstrong is light, comfortable and made to be used in training as well as in games, and is already in use by top-flight soccer players. Heading is part of soccer – let’s protect the soccer players instead of diminishing the game by banning headers.

Why should I play and train with a Headstrong Headguard all the time?

Headstrong is not just made to protect you from major injuries. It will also lessen those smaller hits that every player has experienced. Headstrong will add confidence to your man-on-man play - and help you improve. And we believe that the thin silicone coated front panel will increase your heading ability - in practice and in games.

Can the Headstrong Headguard be damaged?

The Headstrong Headguard is constructed to implode by very hard impact. This allows the liquid in the core of the headband to disburse faster – and is believed to increase the impact reduction further. A product that has imploded/is leaking due to a hard impact is not considered a faulty product. An imploded product must be replaced by a new one in order to provide the intended impact reduction.

My Headstrong Headguard is leaking?

No, the gel i Headstrong is completly safe and not dangerous. If your Headstrong burst (which it is supposed to do by a hard impact because it increases the impact reduction) you will see that we have had the gel colored in our orange like-color. This is only to allow you to see that it is burst - and the color also poses no danger or risk to you.

How should I wear my Headstrong Headguard?

Wearing the headband the right way absolutely essential to the protection and performance. Follow these instructions: Front-panel right over the eyebrows, side over the very top of the ears, back-panel as high as possible (see The Right Fit description on the site and packaging). Be aware of the logo to make sure you wear it the right around - thin, low panel in the front (on the forehead), higher panel with logo in the back - the Logo-type on the sides of the headband will show you which way is up.